Do you know you don’t have to bash people over the head to reach them for Christ?  That simply isn’t how it works.  Paul writing the church at Rome said this:

The kindness of God leads you to repentance.  Romans 2:4 NASB

God is a good God.  Why do you think religion, which was invented by the devil lies about him so much?  It isn’t beating people up.  It also doesn’t mean we ignore sin.  But it does mean that the kindness of God brings people to repentance.  Stop preaching at people.  Start teaching, living and demonstrating the kindness of God.

Never water down the message, but never confuse it either.  It is sin to make the gospel complicated, boring or religious.  I leave you with a story and ask yourself if which of these two preachers does your life emulate to lost people.

There was a couple in England in the 1800s that traveled a long distance to  London to hear a famous preacher.  Upon leaving the service that morning, they spent the entirety of the afternoon talking about what an incredible speaker he was.  That night they stopped at a small country church for a Sunday night service, the preacher was not as well dressed, nor was he as well versed, or as eloquent or loquacious.  But, when they left, they spent the rest of their lives talking about what an amazing Jesus they met that night.

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