Prayer is so powerful.  Today I give you a prayer that you can personalize for yourself or anyone you know that is facing surgery.

Prayer for Surgery Patients


This prayer is one that a surgeon offered for his patients.


Dear Heavenly Father,


I place this loved one, _________, in your hands, under the safety of your care, and claim healing for him/her in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth.


I bind and cast out any and all evil spirits (those of fear, hopelessness, destruction, deceit, lies, robbery, or confusion) from any room that _________ may enter in the course of his/her treatment in the clinic or hospital and fill that space or room with the Holy Spirit (faith, hope, love, truth and peace).


I bind any spirit or agent that may cause pulmonary arrest, cardiac arrest, adverse bleeding, infection, thromboembolic phenomena (blood clots), or delayed healing, device or instrumentation related problems, hyperthermia, neurovascular injury, fat embolus, tourniquet injury, loss of normal anatomy, function, motion, or mobility.


I ask that you remove any confusion, competition, or distracting forces from the operating room personnel and place a spirit of peace, cooperation, and attentiveness to detail.


I ask that you keep the surgeon’s mind clear of conflicting issues and grant clarity of thought, diagnostic acumen, surgical judgment and gentle and precise surgical technique.  Please guide the surgeon’s hands in the resection and repair while protecting and retaining vital structures.


Please grant good judgment and technique to those choosing and administering the anesthesia.  If a vena puncture is utilized I ask that it be performed without difficulty and successful.  I ask that if an air passage way is established successfully and that it be accomplished with gentleness and without injury or irritation to the tissues. Keep them alert to the vital signs and care of _______’s body parts during time in which he/she has no voluntary control.  Please guard the heart, body, soul and mind while _______ is under the anesthetic and not able to exercise his/her will according to God’s will.  I rebuke any and all adverse drug reactions.


I ask that that healing be accelerated and successful.  May the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead that dwells in ___________, quicken his/her immune system to destroy the offending condition or disease and grant accelerated healing.  May there be minimal pain and discomfort during this process as the Comforter makes itself real to him/her.


May _________  health be restored and may the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified in his/her healing.


In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, Amen.

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