We need to change the narrative of the devil.  We give the devil far too much credit; he is a fallen angel.  The Bible tells us that we are above the angels.  In fact, as humans, we are going to judge angels if you are a believer.  Satan was kicked out of heaven by Michael the Archangel.  He is a defeated being.  We give the devil too much power.  We act like he is equal with Jesus, and he is not.  He has too much power in the church world because we give it to him.  You see, the devil is a legalist.  He can only operate on words.  He would make a great attorney.  Your words are a contract with him.  He can only operate in areas where we give him the right to operate.


I want you to understand and grasp this.  If you’re going to grow in your walk with the Lord, then you need to change your narrative of the devil.  In John 14:12, Jesus talks about being one with the Father, about Him and his Daddy being one, being equal.  For example, when my son and I stay at a hotel, he can call and order room service to our room and have it delivered because he is operating under my authority.  He has every right to be in my home because I am his daddy, and he is under my authority, so he has every right to be there.  Jesus says;

“Truly, truly I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will also do; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.” John 14:12 NASB

(believe here means holistic giving of yourself in the Greek)


When is the last time you laid hands on someone, and they were healed?  When was the last time you led someone to the Lord?  When was the last time you looked at the red words of the Bible, and you did them?  Jesus says; “Greater works.” When you begin to change the narrative of the devil, you realize your authority is much stronger than his.

“In that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you.” John 14:20 NASB

It says I’m in Dad; you’re in Me, you’re in Dad!  You know when the devil sees a Holy Ghost filled believer who understands the Word, the moment he sees that individual he sees the Father.  Let me prove it to you. I was in NYC one time at Christmas, and I was in a vehicle, and there was this five-foot, one-hundred-pound lady, a police officer directing traffic.  The Lord spoke to my heart and said, you know any one of these cars could run her over, but they are stopping because of the power of the badge.  The cars were not stopping because she was intimidating, or had polished manicured hands showing everyone how pretty her nails looked, they were stopping because of the badge.  The badge says she is standing there with the full authority of the police.  The Lord said to me, “Do you understand, that is exactly how the devil sees a child of God who is walking in Me?”


You see, when the devil looks at you, and you put your hand up to say stop, he doesn’t look at you and say, “You’re a wimp.”  Nope, He sees your Dad!   You see, If Jesus’ family and friends wouldn’t accept Him (John 6:1-6) then why do you think your family and friends are going to accept you?  You get filled with the Holy Ghost, your life starts to change, and you go around asking, “Why is everyone mad at me?”  If they wouldn’t accept Jesus with the anointing, then why do you think they will accept you?  You see, God’s Kingdom is sufficient to sustain you.

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