Everything Satan has is stolen.  The Bible says the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  Not one thing the devil has did he earn.  He was an angel; he thought he was bigger than God, so God kicked him out.  He comes down to earth, and now he is a legalist.  Remember, he is an angel, so he knows the power of words.  That is why in the Garden, he went to Eve and said, “Why don’t you eat of this tree?”  Eve replies with, “Well, the Lord said if we eat of this tree, we will surely die.”  She took God out of context.  God never said they would die.  Remember he is a legalist; he goes back to Eve and says, “The Lord doesn’t want you to know the difference between good and evil.”  He is saying; God doesn’t want you to be smart.


Have you ever noticed when people want to keep you from God, they always have every excuse in the room?  They will say things like: “You don’t need that tongue stuff, that went away with the disciples,”  or, “Why do you hang around people who preach prosperity?  They want your money.”  Everything the devil has is stolen, he has taken it from humanity.  If he has authority in someone’s life, it’s because they give him authority.  People who are demon-possessed have given an area of their life to Satan for him to come in and control it.


I’m going to show you a scripture that you have probably never heard preached before in church, and that makes me sad.

“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, and the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.” Proverbs 13:22 NASB

Do you know that God wants you, as a righteous person, to have money?  I went to a conservative Christian School when I was younger.  I enjoyed it, and I’m glad I went there.  It was a good time in my life, and it impacted me greatly in ways that are still being impacted today.  I remember one time they had a missionary come through, and they were talking about wanting money.  I remember going to the pastor of the church, he loved the Lord and is rejoicing in heaven today.  I said to him, “Why do you always preach like poverty is some good thing, but every time someone comes, you take an offering because you need money?”  I took him right to this scripture.  I said, “Are you telling me you would rather have a bunch of ungodly people with money than believers?”  Let me ask you a question.  Where do you think God’s Kingdom will get the most benefit from the tangible asset money?  Is it in a church or a strip club?   How many of you believe that God’s people that will write a check for God’s Kingdom work, that God gets more out of their money for the Kingdom than He does for the other?  God doesn’t want you to steal it, take it, rip people off, or cheat them.  The Bible says; “The wealth for the sinner is stored up for the Godly.”  God wants money to flow that way, but you see, you need to change your whole narrative of who the devil is.  To be blessed, you’ve got to be a blessing!

In Isaiah 61, God talks about rebuilding the desolation of generations.  Some of you have had families that have been wrecked by adultery, wrecked by promiscuity, wrecked by alcoholism, wrecked by drug abuse, wrecked by thieving, wrecked by lying, destroyed by sin.  Generational curses get passed down.  God says he is going to send a new generation who will destroy the devastation.  You need to begin today by saying, “Lord, my generation is reversing the curse.”  We need to stop rehearsing the curse and start reversing the curse

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