When we change the narrative of the devil, we don’t need to look at him like some all-powerful, all-encompassing thing that we need to fight.  Don’t complain that he is coming after you.  Let me tell you something if he isn’t coming after you then you aren’t doing anything!  You’ve got to quit worrying about the devil.  Some of you talk about the devil more than you talk about Jesus!  The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  He is going to get people to steal from you, try to kill you, lie about you, and get people to try to cause problems in your life.  Expect it!  If you don’t have the devil working through people to hurt you, then you aren’t doing anything!  You see, the problem is so many of you get saved, and you’re so used to working with the devil that all of a sudden when you’re saved, and he starts coming after you and you’re like “Oh, he’s coming after me,” that tells you-you’re doing something!


Did you know poverty runs in families?  I know a family that struggled with poverty for many generations.  One of the family members came into millions of dollars.  They ended up losing it all.  Why?  Because they had a poverty mentality.  ESPN is by far not a Godly company but did a segment on athletes who make millions and millions of dollars and end up broke.  Why?  Because they grew up poor and they don’t know how to manage money or operate in money.  When you have that mentality, the devil will rob you and steal it from you.


Mark 4 is a great chapter.  Now Jesus is here, and he is in the boat.  I’ve stood on this shoreline.  This is a very important passage.  All trade and import come through this passage by boat.  This is a very wealthy area in that part of the world.   It’s a trade route.  Lots of money here.  It’s known today for fierce storms coming through.  Now, here is Jesus in the boat, and he goes to sleep. He goes to sleep because he didn’t say, “We might make it to the other side.” Have you ever heard people say, “Well, if the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise?”  Or, “Well, if the Lord doesn’t come, I’ll see you tomorrow.”  Some say, “Well if I don’t die, I will see you tomorrow.”  Listen to all that dumb confession.  Jesus said, “We are going to the other side.”  Jesus already spoke His words here; He already said they were going to the other side.  What were they worried about?  Some of you, God has already told you things you are going to do so why are you worried about everything up to that point, when he has told you “xyz” is going to happen?


I was in an airplane one time going to Chicago, and the weather was so bad we were flying around in a holding pattern.  We got to the point that we had circled so much they didn’t know if we had the gas to get to Milwaukee because they didn’t even know if we could land in Milwaukee.  They came on the speaker and said; “Folks, we are in a little bit of a tough situation.”  People on the airplane were panicking.  I was supposed to be going there to preach, and at first, I was a little nervous, I admit it.  All of a sudden, the Holy Ghost got up inside of me, and I stood up, and I said; “Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention, please?  I want you to know I am a preacher, a minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I know the vision and long-term plan that God has shown me for my life.  I am highly favored; I am anointed; our plane is not going to crash; we’re going to be fine.”  I then sat down, and everyone calmed right down.  The lady next to me turned and said; “Man, I didn’t know we had a preacher on board, that makes me feel better.”  I said, “It makes me feel better too!”  I put my head down and went to sleep.  We ended up landing, I woke up and people were giving me money telling me to thank you, then they wanted me in the cockpit to meet the pilots.  Why?  Because I knew the plan.  I knew exactly what Jesus was going to do right there.


Did you know this storm in Mark 4 was not a natural storm that God had used to control the weather pattern?  This was created by the devil to try to stop Jesus from reaching what God wanted Him to do.  I can prove it.  In this passage, Jesus rebuked the storm, and the storm stopped.  Had this been his Dad’s work, Jesus would not have rebuked it because Jesus says, I only say what God tells me to say and God wouldn’t rebuke Himself, He would stop it.  Some storms come up in your life; people lie, do things to you, to try to get you fired up, whatever it may be, those are just storms.  Don’t get worked up about it.  Don’t let it cost you a nap.  Why?  We understand the nature of the devil.


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