The devil is not all-powerful.  But sometimes he is creating storms to keep you in your word.  Jesus could have said at any moment, “Alright, then, let’s just go back.”  No!  Jesus rebuked it, and it stopped!  The devil tried to kill Jesus or to get Him off the path.  But Jesus was in the boat.  The devil wanted to turn that boat around.  The devil wanted to kill those people, but Jesus was in the boat.  If you understand this and have it down in your heart, you should be on your feet shouting!


Some of you are going along in life, and Jesus has already told you what you are going to do, it may be starting a business, get married, have children.  You know where Jesus has already prophetically spoken into your life.  He is in your boat!  I don’t care what storm you are going through today; He is in your boat!  If you’re down, discouraged, or if the devil is throwing some storms up in your life, maybe you have even allowed the devil to move into your guest bedroom.  Some of you are getting attacked by family, friends, or by people you may not even know.  I want you to know you may be discouraged, down, upset, but Jesus is in the boat!!  Where God is sending you, you’ve got to have faith.


When God is sending you somewhere, you need to have faith that He can get you there.  Remember, the Bible was not written in chapter and verse.  It’s a letter, but we divide it for our easy reference.  Now in Mark 5 when they came out of the boat, it says that immediately a man from the tombs with an unclean spirit met Him.  It says “an” which is singular; it means one.  This was a very important waterway.  People lived in fear of this man.  They were terrified by him.  You can go to this region today, and that man is still talked about.  You can read this whole chapter and see it talks about him having many spirits.  Jesus delivered him of the one which was the ruler of them all.  This waterway controlled a lot of money.  The devil controlled the money in this region because of this guy.  Remember, in Proverbs 13 it says that the wealth of the sinner is for the righteous.  When Jesus delivered this man, instantly, deliverance came to this region.  All of a sudden, money began to flow, and business began to take off.  Why?  Because the authority of the devil had been destroyed.  You see, the demons were controlling the money to win the people.


I know a lot of ungodly people that prosper and have all the money in the world.  The devil loves to shuffle money into people like this because he knows they are going to get into drugs, cheating, lying, bringing things into a city that doesn’t need to be there.   Why does Satan do this?  Because then he doesn’t have to worry about money getting into the church world.  Some of you think, I’m paying tithe and he is a sinner, why don’t I have money?  That is because the devil is trying to do everything he can to get money into the sinner’s pocket.  You’ve got to learn to change the narrative of the devil.  That money is yours.


God is sending us places to rescue people and to take what has been stolen.  When the lost are saved, they are going to take back what has been stolen.  Meth addicts that get saved have never been a meth addict in their new life.  The newly saved start their new life by taking back what has been stolen.  What is wrong with some of you people?  You have let the devil run loose in your family.  You have even allowed him to attack your finances and health.  You have allowed him to attack every bit of your life.  Jesus is sending us places to rescue people to take what has been stolen.

“From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffer violence, and violent men take it by force.” Matthew 11:12 NASB

What kind of force?  Are we talking guns, swords, is it knives, lying, cheating?  No!  It is by faith!  Faith is how the Kingdom of God advances violently because we go in there and tell the devil, I’m looking for a fight.  Do you have someone who is against you?  Family, friends, co-workers?  Well, my Bible tells me if God is for me, then who can be against me?  You have got to change the narrative of the devil.   Some of you have been running from the devil, and this whole time, the devil is supposed to be running from you.

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