Everything in the garden of Eden before Adam sinned is exactly how God wanted us to live.  Then Adam sins and brings a curse to the land, so then God gives the law.  The law was given to prove that no man can live without a Savior.  The law proves there is none righteous, no not one.  Deuteronomy 6:10-12 talks about God’s redeemed people.  If you’re a believer, you’re redeemed.  God has no problem with you having nice clothes, homes, or cars.  He wants you to be blessed.  Here is where God has a problem; it’s when those things have you.  That’s why he says WATCH!   Watch yourself, lest you forget it’s the Lord who brought you out.  You know what is wrong with some of you, why you used to have great success in the Lord and now you’re struggling?  It’s because you’re not watching yourself.   You may have had success in business, and you start to think you are better than you are.  Let me tell you something, I may be a preacher of the Gospel, I may be a man known for media, but I’m a nobody!  When you watch yourself, that is how you know God is going to continue to bless you.


One time a preacher goes to a new city and is in a new church and is invited to dinner one Sunday by a farmer.  The preacher gets there for dinner, and they have fried chicken, creamed corn, and delicious peach pie.  They go out on the back porch with a fresh glass of lemonade, and the preacher says to the farmer, wow, you and the Lord have done a great job with this farm.  The farmer remembered when he bought the farm, and it was all tumbleweeds and rocks.  Then the farmer replies, Preacher, you should have seen what the Lord had done to it before he had me.  God needs you too!  I’m not saying you minimize your effort but give God the glory.  Be humble.  You’ll find anointed people are not always looking for the credit.  Anointed people are always willing to tell everyone else that they are the miracle for the reason they are successful.  Humble people are not looking for credit.  They don’t care.  Anointed people are humble people.


One time when I was in the Christian School, we read the passage in Deuteronomy 28.  They were very legalistic.  They wanted to spend all this time talking about the curse and not the blessing.  Religious people live in the curse.  For example, they say things like: “Well, Lord, please heal us if it is your will.”  I’ve had people ask me, “Are you a health and wealth preacher?”  I say, “Well, what are you, one of those poverty and sick preachers?”  Jesus wasn’t one of them.  I am a health and wealth preacher.  The Bible says, I want you to prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.  The Bible doesn’t say hell, fire, and brimstone lead sinners to salvation.  It says it’s the goodness of the Gospel.   So when I was in this Christian School, I said, “Can we go back and read these verses again and talk about the promise of God instead of the curse?  It says God has given them title deed, Cities and houses that you didn’t build or fill.”  The teacher did not believe this.  Did not believe that God gives the title deed.  He said if that is what it meant, then God is a thief.  I said, “Sir, I may be a kid, but don’t you dare call my Jesus a thief.  The Bible says the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy, not Jesus.”  That bothered me for a long time.  A couple of years later, I was reading Hebrews 11:1 in the amplified and it says that faith is the title deed!  If you’re believing God for something and you’re worried about it, the Bible says faith is your title deed.  I went back to the classroom, and during Bible study, I raised my hand, and I went up front and read this in front of the whole class.  Faith is the title deed!  I am a health and wealth preacher!


Matthew 21:1-3, Jesus told the disciples to get him a donkey.  This donkey had never been ridden.  It was fresh off the showroom floor, brand new.  He said you tell them the Lord needs it.  You see, you’re worried about how God is going to provide you a car or how God is going to heal your body of cancer.  How is God going to take care of me?   What is God going to do about my marriage?  What is God going to do about my finances when I can’t pay my bills?  Jesus has given us a title deed.  You have got to change your narrative of the devil.  You have got the upper hand, not him!

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