Just because something is simple doesn’t make it deep.  Love and hate are two very powerful words.  Why is it we use the word hate so sparingly, and we use the word love so liberally?  This chapter is going to talk about saying goodbye to sin.  I want to go over a passage in the Bible that is very familiar. If you turn on the news, you will hear daily about the battles between the Muslim, the Palestinian, and the Jewish people.  It is a battle that goes back and predates any of this.  It goes back to the time of Abraham.


You may know that in the book of Hebrews, it tells us that Abraham is the father of faith.  He called things that aren’t as though they were.  When he was 75 years old, God spoke to his heart and told him, “You are going to be the father of many nations.”  He had no children.  But God is a God that does not look at what a person is; He looks at what a person can be.  There are people all over that are busy looking at what they used to be or what other people used to be, and they are not looking at what they were created to be.  I looked a person straight in the eyes one time and asked, “When will you see you the way I see you?”  They looked at me with eyes that did not grasp what I said.  So, I asked them again.  See, people of faith, just like Abraham call things that aren’t as though they were.  God calls things that aren’t as though they were.

“Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, Be taken up and cast into the sea, and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it will be granted him.”  Mark 11:23 NASB

How can I have what I say if I don’t say it before I’ve got it?


The Lord God has the final say and makes the final declaration.  The Lord God’s opinion matters.  Why do you tarry between two opinions?  Why do you look for and seek opinions that are not God’s?  Why do you waste your time looking here or there, from man to woman, or others, looking for someone to speak over you when God already has?  God declares today, that it is time for people who will rise and hear what He says, not what religion or man says, not what preachers say, not what denominations say, but what God says.  God created the world with His words.  God declares what we are with His words.

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