“I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you, life and death, the blessing and the curse.  So, choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants.”  Deuteronomy 30:19 NASB

            God says, choose life.  How do you choose life?  Your words.  You can talk about your own life to death.  You can talk your wife to death, you can talk your children to death, and you can talk about your marriage to death.  I can’t believe people who have children and speak crap over them or people that get married and then speak crap over their wife or their husband.  Same with work, what are you speaking over your employees?  Understand, when your children get to the age of accountability, you can’t control the decisions that they make.  God exonerates you from responsibility, you can pray for them, but everything with them now becomes a personal choice.

That is hard for parents.  You can speak your life to death, that is why you need to be saying, I believe, and I receive my healing or my financial breakthrough.

“it is the spirit who gives life to the flesh, the flesh profits nothing.  The words that I have spoken unto you are spirit and life.” John 6:63 NASB

God’s words are life.  You don’t like your life, change your words.  God gave you feelings, they are a part of the human experience, but God doesn’t want your feelings to control you.  We have feelings, and they are real, but we also need to be wise and understand.   People that are being logical and Biblical say, ok, I’ve got feelings, and I do not deny that I have them, I’m simply denying that I’m going to let them control me.  If you become dictated by your feelings, you will fall into sin.  There is nothing wrong with feelings, but there is something wrong when your feelings have you.  Same with anger, you can be angry and not sin, but why even allow the opportunity for anger to manifest itself?  Choose life.  Jesus got angry and flipped over the money-changers tables in the temple, but he didn’t sin.


You need to learn to speak God’s Word then you need to quit worrying about how he is going to perform His Word.  Some of you pray, and then you try to tell God how to answer your prayers.  There is a story about a boy down in Louisiana.  One time there was a big hurricane coming, and it was flooding.  He prayed Lord I thank you in Jesus name that you are going to save me from this rising flood in this hurricane.  Water came into the house, so he went upstairs, and a boat came by and asked if he needed help getting out and he said, nope I’m waiting on the Lord.  The water kept rising, so high that he was forced to go to his roof.  A helicopter came by and asked if he needed help, and he again said, nope I’m waiting on the Lord.  The water got so high he had to start swimming, and suddenly, he was eaten by an alligator.  He died and went to heaven, and he said to the Lord, I asked you to deliver me, why didn’t you do it?  The Lord said I tried, I sent a boat and a helicopter, but you didn’t want them.  Some of you do that, you tell God, I believe for my finances, and here is how you are going to meet my need.  It is not your job to worry about how he does it; it is your job to put His Word into action and believe it.


I heard a story about a store where a woman could go to find a husband.  So, a mom and her daughter walked in, and on the first floor, there was a sign that said, on this floor, you will find men that are not attractive but are good guys.  Pick any man you want, or you can go to the second floor, but if you go to the second floor, you can never come back down to the first.  The momma looked at her little girl and said, well, if everybody here is a good guy but not good looking, then let’s go up.  So, they went up to the second floor.  Again, a sign there read, the men on this floor are all good guys and are reasonably good looking.  If you want to try a different man, go to the third floor, but once you go up there, you cannot come back down.  Momma said, well let’s go see.  They got to the third floor, and the sign said, these are not only good guys, but they are good husbands and reasonably attractive.  You can go to the fourth floor and keep picking, but if you go up there, you can never come back down.  They go up to the fourth floor, and the sign there said, these are not only good husbands and good guys, but they are great fathers and are reasonably good looking.  Momma said to her daughter, Oh, my gosh, can you imagine what is on the fifth floor?  The daughter says, yeah momma but if we go to the fifth floor, we cannot come back down.  She said that is ok; we will keep going.  Why?  Because they are never happy.  The fifth-floor sign said, these are not only good husbands, great fathers, and good guys, but they are also gorgeous too.  Momma said ok, let’s pick here.  The daughter said, no, no momma let’s see what is on the next floor.  Momma told her ok but remembered if we go up to the next floor, we cannot come back down.  The daughter said it’s ok, let’s do it.  So, they go up to the next floor, and they have all the same qualities as the fifth floor, but they are also very rich.  Daughter says, ok momma, let’s stop here.  The mom then said no, let’s keep going.  So, they go up to the seventh floor, and the men there have all the same qualities as the sixth floor except these men love Jesus with all their heart.  The daughter again says, momma, we should pick here, but the mom said, can you even imagine what is on the eighth floor?  The daughter said, but momma we can’t come back.  Momma said that is alright, so up they go.  They get to the eighth floor, and the sign says, typical woman, never happy, sorry, you lose.  Ouch!  That is a great illustration, you know when you meet people that can never be happy, they always find something to be critical about.  They are never learning to be satisfied.   Paul says I have learned that in whatsoever state I find myself in, I will be content.  Learn to be happy.

If you think money is going to bring you happiness, you will never get to a place where you have money.  Why?  Because you will then demonstrate that money had a place where the Holy Spirit was supposed to have.  If you think getting something is going to make you a good wife, No!  Learn to be content!  When you learn to be content where you are, then God can bless you and take you to a new level.  New levels bring new devils.  Words.   We just saw where the Bible says in Deuteronomy, choose life!


This is an excerpt from Hondo’s book:  WORDS.  You can get that book when you CLICK RIGHT HERE!


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