I had a lady come to me one time and asked if I could talk to her and her husband because she couldn’t understand why they weren’t prospering.  So, I brought them into my office, I sat them down, and we began to talk.  I asked what was going on in their life.  He started making positive confessions, and I asked if they were tithing, and he said yes, every quarter.  I said oh, you only get paid once every three months?  He said no, I get paid weekly.  I asked why he was only tithing every three months.  He said it was easier.  My response was, so you’re only planting a seed every three months?  The Bible says to bring your tithe to the storehouse when you get it.  He had his words right, but he didn’t have the other parts right.  I told him his words were critical, and he needed to begin to speak over this.  He did, and about four months later, his whole life changed.  Why?  Because he learned a principle on words.


It is important that you get control over your words.  Understand how to speak, what to speak, and when to speak it.  It is ok to shut up!  As the priest of my family, the head of my family, some things do not come out of my mouth.

“since then, we have a great high priest who is passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God let us hold fast our confession.”   Hebrews 4:14 NASB

            Your Words are vital; they are critical.  Don’t let the devil steal your confession.  The damns, for example; God damn.  Why would you damn Him and keep Him from letting the rivers of living water flow into your life?  I would rather hear someone use the ‘f-bomb’ than hear someone take the Lord’s name in vain.  You see, the devil can steal your believing if he can hijack your confession.  First, he gets you to confess things and change your mind.  Saying things like Pastor it isn’t reasonable, we live in the real world.  Well, so does the devil!  The devil understands that if he can get to your confession, he can get to your believing.  I know people who can’t have a drink without their guard coming down and their confession changing.  I don’t believe drinking is wrong, but if you can’t control your confession when you drink, then it is a sin.  If you know an area of weakness, close it off.


How do you hold fast to your confession?  In Matthew 4, Jesus is tempted by the devil.  Look at verses 4, 7, and 10.  All three verses start with ‘It is written.’  Every time the devil went after Jesus, He responded with, ‘it is written.’  Three times Jesus rebukes him, and in verse 11, it says the devil left Him.  The devil has no choice but to respond to the Word.  Go to your Bible, look up what the Bible says about what the devil is trying to steal from you.  It may be your health, your finances; it doesn’t matter, go to the Word.  Faith comes by hearing over and over, not just heard once.  Continually go to the Word and use it to rebuke the devil.  He has no choice but to flee.  If using the Word is good enough for Jesus, it is good enough for you and me.  When the devil flees, God sends in ministering spirits.  The end of verse 11 says that after the devil left, angels came to minister to Jesus.  Pay attention, sometime when you are struggling with your confession about something or your belief, and you keep going to the Word, you will feel the angels ministering to you.

This is an excerpt from Hondo’s book:  WORDS.  You can get that book when you CLICK RIGHT HERE!


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