Dead Man’s Bones

In the world today, there is no shortage of religion and religious teaching. But what there is, is a critical shortage of Bible-based, word of God grounded factual teaching. Man has replaced God’s desire for a personal relationship with all of humanity, with everything from emotional but Godless entertainment to a dead boring powerless religious experience. While the world of all nationalities, colors, and socioeconomic backgrounds walks away from organized religion, it doesn’t mean that human beings aren’t hungry for a real tangible relationship with God.

In II Kings 13, we find the story of the prophet Elisha. Years after his death, another body was thrown into the community grave in which the prophet was previously buried. There was so much of God’s tangible presence (the anointing) left in Elisha’s bones, that upon touching those bones, the man was instantaneously resurrected.

In an easy and to understand teaching style, Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr. points the way to those dead and tired of religious stinking thinking and a stagnant religious world that talks, but produces no results. God wants you to shed religion and come to a place of resurrection. God desires for you is to enter a place that raises people into a real and truthful relationship that sets you free, shows a path to forgiveness to all, and a place free of condemnation and guilt.

Today God stands guard ready to raise anyone, of any color, nationality or socioeconomic backgrounds from the dead religion that they have turned from into a lively, exciting personal and victorious walk with the almighty and creator of the universe that longs to give them life, purpose, and fulfillment!


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