Saved From What?

In the Garden of Eden, when Adam committed high treason against all of humanity and sinned, a curse was introduced on the Earth. At that moment, Satan became the lord of this world. Not forever, but for now.

God tried to redeem man after that in multiple ways, but man was not able to execute the religious law sufficiently for that to happen. God knew He had to send His Son, and He did.

When Jesus stripped himself of His deity and came to Earth to pay the ransom of sin, the Bible tells us that He, “Redeemed us (Those that accept Him and salvation) from the Curse of the Law.” That same curse, Adam’s sin introduced.

Sadly there seems to be none more ignorant of what salvation does for humans that the church itself. In his direct, but easily understood style, Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr. takes believers and unbelievers alike step-by-step through the Bible to find out what exactly salvation through Jesus Christ entails.

Be prepared to be stunned by what you haven’t learned and what the Bible says about what salvation saves us FROM!


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